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Moving to Bergen county, New Jersey!

Ok so if you just found your way here, first of welcome I am so stoked to have you here and hope you love what you see just as much as I do! Second if you’re wondering why this blog looks so bare… well it’s because I currently live in Västerås, Sweden and will be moving back to Bergen Country, New Jersey in Spetember 2024. So my other website is in Swedish and well that wouldn’t do you any good now would it, so over the next few months I’ll be populating this blog and my new instagram account with content.

I have been doing photography in Sweden for the last 5+ years, the last two being full time – best decision I ever made! I currently work out of studio with both studio lighting and a second room with natural light in my lifestyle room. Upon moving things will shift a bit as I won’t have a studio to start with, but that won’t stop me! I love photographing in your home just as much and my lifestyle room in my current studio is a little like a small living space with total boho vibes! Mastering lighting is most important, I can make any place look magical and honestly it’s your home and your walls that complete your story!

I gre up in Dumont, NJ, but have been in Sweden for the past 10+ years and let’s just say that’s its time for some change! I am married to Gabriel who is a transformational life coach and we have two precious little girls, Sophia and Helena. We are very excited to make this journey and I am so excited to get to know this new place and all of you that I hope to meet!

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