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Garden Civil Wedding

Saying “yes” to someone you love is one of the most meaningful moments in life. It’s a time for love, unity, and vows that will accompany you through all stages of life. But before you can enter into marriage and experience all its wonderful magic, there are some preparations to address to ensure that your ceremony is exactly as you dreamt it to be. While planning the perfect ceremony, it’s important to book the perfect wedding photographer for you. In my opinion, wedding photography is a must for weddings big and small. You’ll want to look back on it, trust me I know!

Find the perfect location

The choice of venue for a court house wedding is often predetermined, although in some locations like this wedding you can have the judge meet you for an alternate location. That doesn’t meat your portraits have to take place at the courthouse, I recommend to always find a perfect outdoor location near depending on your style. Maybe you like that street city vibe or intimate garden vibe or why not at your favourite kafé for a cozy celebration. Consider what atmosphere you want for your wedding portraits! Whatever you choose, make sure the location means something to you and your partner. For this ceremony we were able to book an outdoor garden and were so lucky with the weather, the only sunny day the entire week! Ängsöslott is incredibly beautiful and has so many lovely outdoor settings, so it was so much fun that we got to shoot portraits and have the ceremony right there. We got a lot of beautiful wedding photos even though it was just a ceremony.

Choice of officiant

The next step is to choose the person who will officiate your ceremony. It could be a priest, a civil officiant, a friend, or a family member. Think about what is most meaningful to you and your partner and what type of ceremony you want.

Write your vows

Write down your vows to your partner. These personal statements are the heart of your ceremony and give you the opportunity to express your love and commitment in your own way. Think about what you want to say and feel into your emotions as you write down your vows.

The details

It’s the little details that can make a big difference. Make sure everything is arranged in advance, from flowers and decorations to transportation. Even if you’re not planning a big wedding with a reception and all, the details still matter! Think about how you want to feel on that day and then when you look at your wedding photos, you’re still getting married, and it should be a little extra special. Cecilia looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress, a classic beautiful dress with lovely lace details, it was a dream to shoot and is from Bröllopsbruket in Västerås! Then you can’t forget about hair and makeup done by Pompadour Lounge, a small detail that really ties the whole look together and makes the wedding dress really pop! And then we have the lovely wedding flowers and bridal bouquet, a must for every bride and a detail that really reflects the bride’s personality. There are so many different flowers and colors to choose from, and there’s no bouquet that’s like the other, and these beautiful wedding flowers were from Norells Hökåsen.

Breathe and enjoy

Finally, remember that this is your day to celebrate the love between you and your partner. Take a few moments to breathe deeply, be present in the moment, and enjoy every second of your ceremony. It’s a day that will create memories for a lifetime.

So, if you’re about to get married, embrace this time of preparation and anticipation. Your ceremony is a moment of magic and love, and with the right preparations, it will be just as fantastic as you dream. And trust your wedding photographer to capture this magical day for you.

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